Glitter + Ashes <3

If I am honest about my experience with Ash Wednesday, it was not always something that I thought was great. Coming out of Baptist and Pentecostal traditions where we had no concern about things like lent, I thought it was odd that other Christian traditions spent 40 days thinking about that fuzzy stuff that comes out of the dryer.

Once I finally realized what Lent was actually about, I remember feeling anxious about Ash Wednesday services. It was such a gloomy service and I was supposed to think about my human frailty and how bad I was. Or at least, that’s how I understood it. It felt as though Ash Wednesday and the Lenten season were asking me to think about how much of a villain I was in God’s story and in the world. Was this just self punishment? Because if that’s all this is, I can handle that on my own without the help of religion. Read More

She Has Shown You What is Good

The way that we talk about the divine matters.

I have been wrestling with this notion for some time now. I realize that when I talk about the divine, I am typically revealing my beliefs about what I think is good, beautiful, and worthy to be admired—whether I explicitly acknowledge this or I just implicitly believe this. Read More

The Giver [of Life]

“Wow…that was really good!”

This was my initial reaction after the lights came on in the movie theater at the end of the recent film, The Giver. And this reaction is sometimes a bit of a big deal for me as I have increasingly become a bit of a movie snob thanks to an old roommate.

When I first saw the trailer for the movie, I immediately remembered my fellow young fifth grade friends (well, to be honest I didn’t have many of those back then) reading the book. At that time, the book seemed a little more advanced than I was willing to shoot for. To top that, everyone was doing it so it wouldn’t have been cool for me to do it (or so I thought).

After watching the movie tonight, however, I feel like the 8 or so hours of homework that I did for my Old Testament Theology course came to life in this film. I spent the majority of my Saturday reading about creation and there are a few thoughts that have stuck with me thus far and are now engrained in my head after watching The Giver. Read More

Be The Hope Retreat

Hi friends!

I have an amazing opportunity to attend the “Be The Hope” retreat in Chicago this March and I am beyond excited about it. The retreat is part of Parity, an organization that seeks to integrate LGBTQ+ individuals into the life of the church. You can read more about the organization here.

I need help to get to this retreat, though. I need to raise $575 to attend. If you would like to read more about why I want to attend the retreat, you can do so here. There is also an option to leave a donation at the page if you wish.

Thank you so much for your support, whether it’s financial, emotional, mental, or spiritual.


much love,

Reflections on Grief II

The train was a central part of Sham and Lance. We rode the train together many times. We experienced falling in love on the train. I remember the first time we rode the train together. It was the PATH train between Newark and 9th Street. Our conversation was sweet, vulnerable, and meaningful.

The next train we took was later that night. We rode up from W 4th Street to 116th Street. We sat down together, our hearts melting, our faces aglow. Our eyes locked. They burned with young love. Read More

Reflections on Grief

It has been a good long while since I have written anything for this blog. Between school, field education, work, graduation, dating, and dealing with grief, this has been a tremendously complex season in my life.

The most difficult moment of this season occurred on March 3, 2017, when my partner, Sham, died. Read More