Learning about Learning

I don’t know if you have ever heard of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), but I am slightly obsessed with it. Part of this probably comes from the fact that it is part of the curriculum for the course that I teach. Another part is that I find a new way to understand life and the way that I relate to people because of the MBTI. And there is no doubt that the MBTI saves my marriage on a daily basis (maybe I should say that the understanding that the MBTI gives me saves my marriage). I promise that I’m not being paid to talk about the MBTI, but I highly recommend you take it if you have not! But one thing that the MBTI has taught me is that people are different from me. Pretty simple. But important. I have also learned that it’s important that I process things externally. This comes naturally to me. But sometimes, my internally processing wife finds it too much to externally process all of life with me.

For this reason, writing in my journal is one of the most helpful things for me. I recently ran out of pages in my journal though and it felt like I was going to die! I became an instant creative and took blank sheets used for the printer and folded them over to make my own miniature journal! Of course, this was only a temporary fix and I had to buy a new one. My new journal was a bit of a different kind for me. Normally, they are the fake leather journals or Moleskine journals. I love the latter; I just don’t love the price (my wife is a firm proponent of the idea that you get what you pay for…I’m learning). But this time, I found myself a fairly inexpensive journal at Target. The cover has a phrase on it that I find fairly funny. It reads, “Whatever happened to the #1 pencil?” Read More


The Giver [of Life]

“Wow…that was really good!”

This was my initial reaction after the lights came on in the movie theater at the end of the recent film, The Giver. And this reaction is sometimes a bit of a big deal for me as I have increasingly become a bit of a movie snob thanks to an old roommate.

When I first saw the trailer for the movie, I immediately remembered my fellow young fifth grade friends (well, to be honest I didn’t have many of those back then) reading the book. At that time, the book seemed a little more advanced than I was willing to shoot for. To top that, everyone was doing it so it wouldn’t have been cool for me to do it (or so I thought).

After watching the movie tonight, however, I feel like the 8 or so hours of homework that I did for my Old Testament Theology course came to life in this film. I spent the majority of my Saturday reading about creation and there are a few thoughts that have stuck with me thus far and are now engrained in my head after watching The Giver. Read More