Be The Hope Retreat

Hi friends!

I have an amazing opportunity to attend the “Be The Hope” retreat in Chicago this March and I am beyond excited about it. The retreat is part of Parity, an organization that seeks to integrate LGBTQ+ individuals into the life of the church. You can read more about the organization here.

I need help to get to this retreat, though. I need to raise $575 to attend. If you would like to read more about why I want to attend the retreat, you can do so here. There is also an option to leave a donation at the page if you wish.

Thank you so much for your support, whether it’s financial, emotional, mental, or spiritual.


much love,


She Has Shown You What is Good

The way that we talk about the divine matters.

I have been wrestling with this notion for some time now. I realize that when I talk about the divine, I am typically revealing my beliefs about what I think is good, beautiful, and worthy to be admired—whether I explicitly acknowledge this or I just implicitly believe this. Read More

5 Things I Learned in 2015

2015 was not the easiest year of my life. I had to make the hardest decisions and ask the hardest questions in my journey thus far. Questions like, “Who am I? What are my values? Who do I want to become? Where am I heading? How will my decisions impact those around me now and those who will come after me?”

This year brought the greatest depths of pain that I have ever experienced. There were moments of seismic sorrow and deathly darkness. Read More

Beauty and the [Queer]

Beauty and the Beast had a special draw for me as a child (let’s be real, it still does along with the rest of Disney). It was the first movie that I saw in theaters (unless you count my mom going to see Steel Magnolias when she was pregnant with me). But this story of love was so powerful to me. Ask any of my family members and they can tell you about the Beauty and the Beast poster that is still hanging in my bedroom at my grandparents’ house.

Surely liking Beauty and the Beast does not mean much, though. But it became fairly evident to me that most of the things that I were drawn to were not what the prevailing culture had deemed appropriate for little boys. I knew—let’s be clear that I certainly did not have the language for this as a 3 year old—that I was queer. Read More